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Metromas serves you in website design, advertising management, AdWords, WordPress, e-commerce services, SEO services, social media management, digital marketing, corporate identity, production/shooting services, brand registration and web solutions.

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From small blogs to complex web applications, we push the boundaries of what's possible with WordPress.

Our Services

We support you in taking your place in the digital world professionally.

Custom Software Development

Maximize your digital transformation with custom software development.

Web Design Service

Engage users with our fast, reliable and aesthetic web design service.

Grafik Tasarım Hizmeti

Our solutions that suit your needs combine aesthetics and functionality.

WordPress Troubleshooting

Solutions for slow loading, errors, problems, viruses and similar issues.

Plugin Development

We offer plugin development solutions to your specific needs and functions.


Social media has an important place for everyone today.

Digital Marketing

We highlight your brand in areas such as social media management, SEO and digital advertising.

SEO Services

We strengthen your site with keyword strategies, technical SEO and backlink profile control.

E-Commerce Solutions

Increase your sales with our e-commerce web design service focused on user experience.

Expert Team
Your services are provided by experts for each field.
Quick Support
You can always reach us. Our support system is always active.
Regular Backup
The services and projects we provide are always backed up periodically.
Current Works
We adopt new trends and rules in our work.
Affordable Pricing
We offer the best price in line with your demands. Your satisfaction is important.
Worldwide Service
We also provide services abroad. We are working to be recognized worldwide.

Metromas For Your Digital Presence.

We offer you a variety of high-quality services tailored to your needs.

Free Support
Response will be provided as soon as possible.

Affordable Pricing

We have the most affordable prices for your demands.

Our Support Is Always With You

We are very close to you when you need us. Our support is always with you.


WordPress Course

Do you feel ready for the next level? Would you like us to accompany you step by step, starting from the basics and transitioning to professionalism? Our WordPress training is personalized for you. Regardless of Blog, E-Commerce, Corporate, Special project, there is no need to know code! Learn how to make any type of website you want with WordPress.

Assuming that you know nothing, you start from the beginning and learn step by step.
Before you step foot on the internet, you should know it. You will fundamentally understand systems and working principles such as domain name and hosting.
Design Rules
You will gain knowledge about how your project can be designed with a purpose appropriate to its concept.
Hosting and Domain
You will be able to purchase a domain name and hosting and set up your own website and project.
Working Offline
You will be able to install WordPress on your computer and create applications for free.
You will be able to set up your own E-commerce site and sell the products you want online.
Corporate Design
You will be able to set up your corporate site yourself without any support from anyone.
Blog and Articles
You will be able to open your own blog or news site as you wish.
Web Design
You will create a project by making changes to pre-installed WordPress sites.
You will be able to make the necessary SEO internal and external settings for your site to be found on Google.
Traffic Analysis
You will be able to understand information about visitors and traffic to your site.
By learning WordPress from start to finish, you will be able to customize it according to the work you do and make all the necessary settings.
You will be able to choose and install paid WordPress themes. You will be able to make settings and installations.
Design Procedures
You will be able to design pages, create menus and work comfortably with themes.
Plugins and Modules
You will be able to install and configure the necessary plugins for WordPress to suit your purpose.
You will be able to ensure the security of your site and be protected from hackers and malware.
You'll learn how to fix your site when difficult situations occur.
Contact Us
You will be able to receive information from your visitors/customers using contact forms.
Maintenance and Arrangement
You will be able to prepare the under construction page. This way, search engines will be able to follow the process.
User Experience
CTA (call to action) is a marketing method used to encourage any tool on websites to encourage users to take action.
Optimization Processes
It is also important that your site does not keep visitors waiting and its speed is important. You will ensure that it opens quickly.
You will be able to organize the images you will put on your site appropriately and select and find them as they should be.
Super Support
More than you can learn in a WordPress course; You will learn the information that your industry does not want you to know by practicing.
Things That Come to Your Mind
Even after the WordPress training is completed, you will find answers to your questions about setting up a website.
Fine Details
Learn about SSL, Htaccess and File systems and save time on implementing what needs to be done, no problems.
Restore, Recover
You will learn many details about what you should do, what you should not do and how to do it in case of a problem.
WordPress Structure
Know the software you use. Learn what works and how it works and save time.
Color and Layout
You will directly acquire the knowledge gained through experience, which is better done during the design process.
Personal Preferences
By researching competitor websites, you will see the steps you need to do better.
Mobile Compatibility
You'll learn how to make your work viewable across devices.
Database and Storage
Learn beginner database intervention and what you can do.
Advanced Project
You will learn how to find solutions for complex purposes (e.g. reservation, advertisement, etc.).
Cleaning and Maintenance
While developing your project, you will be able to take steps to reduce resource usage and increase performance.
Resource Supply
People who benefit from Metromas training will be given access to premium resources.
Purposeful Search
You will learn what and how to find a theme for what you want to do.
You will gain information on what you need to do before presenting your project turnkey to your customer.
Language and Translation
Learn about things like adding additional languages to your project.
E-Commerce Systems
You will learn about Integrations, Settings, Attributes, Variations Payment methods and much more.
Plugin Usages
You will learn about commonly used systems such as WooCommerce. Knowing these systems will make it easier for you.

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